How to grow your Baby Clinic


Are you struggling to grow your baby clinic?

Are you working hard and not seeing results?

Are you challenged with a small customer base?

Do you find yourself taking on a 2nd job, just to cover your monthly expenses?


Well, let us show you how to grow your Baby Clinic in just 5 easy steps:
Online Presence 

It’s the 20th century! Everyone is connected via the internet, according to Fleishman Hillard study 89% of all consumers look you up on search engines before they use your services. This makes it imperative for you to have a website that is linked to Google AdWords and is SEO compliant. Simply put, there is a massive advantage to having a website with useful information that is interactive and attractive, making it easy for patients easy to find you.


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Retaining your Patients

There is a lot of competition out there, so you should strive to retain at least 90-95 % of your patients. Try to always be communicating with your patients and keep them looking forward to your services. To do this you need a few small tricks, such as an automated SMS tool that can send SMS and emails regularly reminding your patients on their child’s next vaccination. This tool can make the difference between your patients rushing to Dischem last minute or happily coming to your Baby Clinic.


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Automate your Systems

By automating all manual tasks such as patient admin and invoicing, you will free up time to grow your Baby Clinic through marketing or seeing more patients. So invest in a simple yet effect automation tool.


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Customer Service

Always strive for excellent customer service and be sure to address the common questions asked by patients

  • Does this make my life easier and better?
  • Does this meet my expectations of outstanding customer services?

Offer something better than your competitor such as tea or coffee and a comfortable environment while they wait. Be punctual and communicate appointment effectively through automated SMS.


Marketing your Clinic

A good starting point would be to identify who you are providing your   services too?

  • Identify your ideal customer
  • What are their characteristics
  • Identify their pain points and needs
  • Discover how to solve their needs


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