Payment Specialist


Established in 2013 and with a Broad-Based BEE Status of Level 3, our core skills are Solution Designing and Implementation within the Payments Domain

We deliver payment solution projects quicker to market by combining our knowledge, experience and technology

Our Service offering also includes:

  • Highly skilled teams (S.W.A.T) to solve your payment challenges
  • Auditing of your current Payment Systems and Solutions
  • Building and growing your Dev Ops, Agile teams and processes
  • Delivering a component of a project or a sub-project within a program (SOW)

What makes us different:

  • Our co-founders have several years of experience in the IT industry, they have spent a fair amount of time consulting at International Consulting Companies and then branched off into the financial sector.
  • We delivered projects from start to finish using a fixed price costing model.
  • We have a local South African team, as well as an off-shore resource team which is used when further capacity is required.
  • There is a great emphasis placed on our team’s skill development, by means of our in-house knowledge center.

Project Portfolio


  • Samsung Pay SA
  • Authenticated Collections (Debi Check)
  • BASE24 UPF Installation and Configuration
  • Base24 EPS Upgrade
  • Pre-Paid Electricity Online Vending
  • Pre-Paid Voucher Purchases
  • Union Pay (China)
  • Base24 – New Server Install
  • ATM QR Codes
  • ATM Cash Recycle
  • ATM International Access Fee
  • Tribuo (SASSA) – Biometrics CVM Verification
  • VISA 3D Secure
  • Master Card 3D Secure
  • VISA/Master Card Fast Funds
  • Interchange
  • In – House 3D Secure Solution
  • Contactless Prepaid (Debit Cards)
  • BIN Migration (Mag to Chip)
  • USSD (Payments)
  • TRP – Core Banking System replacement
  • Enhancement to fraud systems and processes
  • Implementing a new fraud application score card
  • Implementing a first party fraud process
  • Implementing an IN House Verified by VISA solution (ONLINE SECURE)
  • Implementing a new credit card product for India (FRB)
  • Vaccination Manager Application



  • Mainframe CAMS
  • ACS Modurim
  • Base24 Classic
  • Base24 EPS
  • Base24 UPF (Universal Payment Framework)
  • Postilion

Payments Domain


  • Online Payments Domain (e-commerce)
  • Payments Fraud Process and Detection
  • Application Fraud Process and Detection
  • USSD Payments
  • Contactless Payments (NFC)
  • International Payments
  • Biometric Payments
  • ATM Transactions and Payments
  • Payment Switching and Processing
  • Web Services Technology
  • Tokenization Payments
  • Payments Security
  • System Integration and Solution Designing
  • Real Time Payment
  • Settlement and Clearing
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