Management Consulting Services


Established in 2013 and with a Broad-Based BEE Status of Level 3, our core skill is solving Payment Transaction Challenges and ensuring that you are compliant with the latest Regulatory Compliance Standards by combining our Knowledge, Experience and Technology.

This results in improving your customers satisfaction, retain your customers and increase your revenue.


Our Service offering also includes:


  • Delivering transaction payment projects quicker to market
  • Highly skilled squads (S.W.A.T) to solve your payment challenges
  • Auditing of your current Payment Systems and Solutions
  • Building and growing your Dev Ops, Agile teams and Business Process Modeling
  • Designing Competency Development Programs

What Makes us Different


  • Our co-founders have several years of experience in the IT industry, they have spent a fair amount of time consulting at International Consulting Companies and then branching off into the financial sector
  • We delivered projects from start to finish using a fixed price costing model
  • We have a local South African team, as well as an off-shore resource team which is used when further capacity is required
  • There is a great emphasis placed on our team’s skill development, by means of our in-house knowledge center

Our Resource Management Service


  • Places highly skilled resources within your team at a fixed cost price
  • Removes all HR responsibilities by managing deliverables, performance and training for our resources, so that you can concentrate on delivering your objectives
  • Provides all required ITC devices
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