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Introducing Vaccination Manager

Our latest innovation is the creation of an application called: Vac-Man App !

We understand that it is difficult to build and grow a Business without support so we have created a product that will simplify your Clinic Admin giving you more time to build your business.

  • Our product will automate your invoices and patient files freeing up your time, enabling you to focus on marketing and growing your Clinic.
  • Vac-Man will retain your patients by sending them an SMS and email reminder for their childs next vaccine due date. This will increase your profits.
  • Our product will improve your customer experience by offering them a printable summary graph report which contains the history of the childs measurements and vaccinations.
  • No more Accounting Software , Vac-Man App will manage the Day to Day running of your clinic

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Vaccination Manager – How was Vac-Man Born?

The Inception

Hi there! My name is Avish Singh, husband, father, entrepreneur and founder of Vac-Man App.

The need for this application came from my experience as a parent. My second child was born when my first child turned 13 months old. The transition around having a toddler and a newborn was rather overwhelming. Amongst the routines, to-do-lists and sleepless nights, I felt that keeping track of their vaccinations was becoming a real schlep.

My wife and I had experienced showing up to an appointment without a vaccination card as well as completely missing a vaccination. By this time my wife was frustrated and recommended that we build an app to help parents to manage our children’s vaccinations better. To alleviate two of the biggest problems, we could replace the manual vaccination cards and send parents reminders for their next vaccination due date.

We created a proof of concept (POC) and presented to one of the leading Medical Aid Service Provider who loved the idea but were unable to purchase it because it did not align with their strategy. Their CEO advised that we should look for an alternate way to take this product to the market.

Within that week we received a call from a sister at a baby clinic asking if we could assist with managing her clinic more efficiently as she had a very manual process.

We then decided to turn our proof of concept into an application that will make clinic admin easy and thus after nine months of intensive analysis and development, Vaccination Manager was born.

Organise Patient Files
Retain Patients
24/7 Application Support

Vaccination Manager – How does it work?

Vaccination Manager

Vaccination Manager – Online Training

How to Logon

How to Generate an Invoice

How to Create a Patient

How to Generate a Child Summary Report

How to Add Vaccine to Existing Child

Happy Customers

“I use Vaccination Manager at my Baby Clinic and I will recommend this application” - Sr. Louise Archary (Bumps & Bundles of Joy)

“This product is guaranteed to GROW your Baby Clinic” - Sakhile Mkwanazi (Grow - Professional Business Coaching)

Vaccination Manager is an innovative app designed and developed by Hileya Technology Consulting. I've just taken Vaccination Manager for a test drive and would highly recommend it to nurses running vaccination clinics.







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