We are passionate about Technology and helping Businesses to Grow and Improve by enhancing their Efficiency and Performance

Our Vision is to be a leading Professional Services and Managed Services Company with our focus on increasing the unemployment rate of South Africa

We build new Capabilities, improving an existing Capability and increase your Capacity at a reduced Operational Cost while delivering your IT Projects within the Technology Domain

These include Financial Institutes and Private Sectors, as well as collaborating with other Consulting Companies



Why do we do THIS

Our passion for Technology, tenacity for Business Development and dedication to decrease South Africa’s unemployment statistics have inspired us to launch Hileya Management Consulting

What we DO

Established in 2013 and with a Broad-Based BEE Status of Level 1 (Empowering Supplier), our core skill is building new Capabilities, improving an existing Capability and increasing your Capacity at a reduced Operational Cost while delivering your IT Projects within the Technology  Domain

This capability (ability to do something) will be a combination of a Squad, a Competency Development Program, processes, systems, tools, knowledge and skills

This will Grow and Improve your Business by enhancing your Efficiency and Performance


How we do IT

We are focused on developing the correct Knowledge and Skills by establishing a Competency Development Program to train the Squad on the Local and International payments ecosystem. The squad’s main priority is aimed at delivering as per the project delivery agreement with our client

On graduation from the Competency Development Program, the completion of our clients projects and if it had been agreed up front with our client, the squad will be transferred over to the client for permanent employment together with the other capabilities that have been built. These Capabilities may include skills, knowledge, processes, systems and tools, this will increase our clients capacity and allow them to deliver their required outcomes or projects at a reduced cost

We specialise in the Technology Domain with the following services:


    • Professional Services
    • Managed Services
    • Capability Development
    • Competency Development Program (Capability Development)
    • Training and Skills Development
    • Capability Transfer

What Makes us Different

  • The Value that we add to your Business
  • Our Quality of Service
  • Our Commit to Delivery
  • Our Specialist Skills within the Payments Domain
  • Our co-founders have several years of experience in the IT industry,
  • Our co-founders have spent a fair amount of time consulting at International Consulting Companies and then branching off into the financial sector


We are flexible and able to adapt to any environment



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Grow - Professional Business Coaching