Laudium Care Services For the Aged

At the other end of the spectrum is our elders, people who were strong willed and able to live a normal healthy life, but with age comes a different set of challenges.

We assist with purchasing of groceries serving lunch and spending a day with the elders.

The Light House Baby Shelter

Lighthouse Baby Shelter is a shelter that takes care of babies and children from birth to 6 years old. Their team has seen 100 children through their doors and 78 adoptions/ placements.
This God loving home relies on the public’s generosity around supplies for the children.

To this extent Hileya – Technology Consulting has assisted with providing diapers and toiletries to assist with caring for our next generation.

Aryan Benevolent Home Council - Glencoe

At any given point a person’s circumstances can suddenly change, and thanks to the brilliant efforts of the team at the ABH home people who are needy and indigent, those who are physically or mentally disabled have a place of support.

Hileya – Technology Consulting executive team visited the establishment and spent time with the residents. This is another cause that is very close to our hearts so we assist where and when ever we can.

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