Issuer Authentication Server


  • This application is used to Authenticate a customer for registration
  • Supported Validation Methods:

o   OTP verification

o   Password verification

o   Security questions

Secure Payment Gateway Application


  • veegaaH provides a secure and hassle-free payment service
  • This product has a highly scalable architecture that enables real-time authentication and authorization and offers support for Visa, Master Card, AMEX and other major global interchange



  • This precision ATM management application provides

o   Real-time Monitoring

o   Business Intelligence

Test Automation Tool


  •  FINsim is a test automation tool that uses a transaction based model rather than the widely used message based model testing
  • This tool creates a device dependent message that is compared to the expected results
  • Most test scenario combinations can be generated using the tool’s standard scripts

Secure Reconciliation System

  • SamaH simplifies the reconciliation task of card transaction for banks and payment services providers
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