Management Consulting Services


Established in 2013 and with a Broad-Based BEE Status of Level 1 (Empowering Supplier), our core skill is developing new capability or improving an existing capability at a reduced cost.

This capability will be a combination of a South African Squad, a Competency Development Program, processes, systems, tools, knowledge and skills.

We are focused on developing the correct Knowledge and Skills by establishing a Competency Development Program to train the South African squad on the Local and International payments ecosystem. The squad’s main priority is aimed at delivering as per the project delivery agreement with our client.

On graduation from the Competency Development Program, the completion of our clients projects and if it had been agreed up front with our client, the squad will be transferred over to the client for permanent employment together with the other capabilities that have been built. These Capabilities may include skills, knowledge, processes, systems and tools, this will increase our clients capacity and allow them to deliver their required outcomes or projects at a reduced cost.

Our Service offering also includes:

  • Delivering technology projects quicker to market
  • Highly skilled squads to solve your payment and Technology challenges
  • Auditing of your current Payment Systems and Solutions
  • Building and growing your Dev Ops, Agile teams and Business Process Modeling
  • Designing Competency Development Programs

Training and Skills Development


Our Competency Development Program called Payments Development Team Builder is a scientifically designed Competency Development Program that incorporates international talent development theories and principles.

This program will provide a Development Squad with class room theory session followed by practical sessions on the simulated payments environment.

The Development Squad will be trained on the Local and International payments environment. The squad will have a detailed knowledge of the Payments environment and all required Payment systems.




Professional Services


  • We place highly skilled professionals within your team at a fixed cost price
  • Remove all HR responsibilities by managing deliverables, performance and training for our resources, so that you can concentrate on delivering your objectives

Analysis & Design Services


We will help you Discover your Needs and then Design and document a Solution that will fulfil your needs, resolve you challenges and grow your business


We will create your Business Requirements
We will create your System Requirements (current system and TOBE System with gap analysis)
We will create your Solution DesignIdentifying the hiring need




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